The overarching theme of my design approach with clients is harmony. In success, a completed project integrates elements of site usage, aesthetics and personality to deliver a space reflective of a client’s needs and values. I am also committed to educating my clients on sustainability and the many effective means to preserve a project’s impact on water and waste.

The initial phase of conceptual design includes plenty of dialog to understand a client’s intended usage of a space, maintenance goals as well as budgetary parameters. From here, I develop a design plan, considering the relationship between dwelling and exterior space, inclusive of site specifics such as color and light, movement and sound, and grading and drainage. I happen to have a lifelong love of the horticulture specific to the Western United States, and am intimately involved in every project’s specimen selection as part of overall project installation.

In summary, I want my projects to deliver to each client relief and recreation and the belief that one’s own environment can improve their quality of life.

Stefan Hammerschmidt